Semester II

First Year

MajorSubject CodeSubject
 M 12011Myanmar
 E 12011English
 EM 12002Engineering  Mathematics II
 E.Ch 12011Engineering  Chemistry
 E.Ph 12011Engineering  Physics
 CE 12022Building Materials and Construction
CivilME 12011Basic Engineering Drawing(C,EC,EP,Mech)
ECEcE 12011Fundamental of Electronic Circuit I
EPEP 12011Principles of Electrical Engineering II
MECHME 12011Basic Engineering Drawing(C,EC,EP,Mech)

Second Year

MajorSubject CodeSubject
 E 22011English
 EM 22004Engineering  Mathematics IV
CivilCE 22011Surveying II
 EP 22013Applied Electrical Engineering II(C,Mech)
 ME 22015Engineering Mechanics(C,EP,Mech)
 CE 22019Workshop Technologies and Practices II
 CE 22012Civil Engineering Drawing II
ECEcE 22002Communication Principles II
 EcE 22001Electronic Engineering Circuit II
 EcE 22021Digital Electronics II
 EcE 22011Microelectronics II
 EcE 22014Technical Programming II
EPEP 22013Applied Electrical Engineering II(C,Mech)
 EP 22011Electrical Engineering Circuit Analysis II
 EP 22014Basic Electronics II
 EP 22026Generation, Transmission and Distribution
 EP 22021Electro mechanics II
MECHMet 22071Engineering Materials
 ME 22015Engineering Mechanics(C,EP,Mech)
 ME 22012Workshop Technology
 ME 22011Machine Drawing

Third Year

MajorSubject CodeSubject
 E 32011English
 EM 32006Engineering  Mathematics VI
CivilCE 32013Mechanics of Material II
 CE 32016Fluid Mechanics II
 CE 32017Transportation Engineering II
 CE 32015Geotechnical Engineering II
 Geo 32011Civil Engineering Geology II
ECEcE 32001Engineering Circuit Analysis II
 EcE 32002Digital Communication II
 EcE 32011Engineering Electromagnetics II
 EcE 32021Integrated Electronics II
 EcE 32003Modeling and Control II
 EcE 32025Analogue and Digital Electronics(Mech)
EPEP 32011Electrical Engineering Circuit Analysis IV
 EP 32014Power Electronic II
 EP 32021Electrical Machine and Operation II
 EP 32033Electromagnetic Fields II
 EP 32034Electrical Design, Estimating and Costing
MechME 32034Mechanical Engineering Fundamental II(EP)
 ME 32013Engineering Thermodynamics II
 ME 32014Strength of Materials I
 ME 32015Theory of Machines I
 Met 32071Engineering Materials
 ME 32022Production Technology

Fourth Year

MajorSubject CodeSubject
 E 42011English
 EM 42008Engineering  Mathematics VIII
CivilCE 42013Theory of Structures II
 CE 42024Design of RC Structures II
 CE 42016Hydraulic Engineering and Applied Hydraulics II
 CE 42017Transportation Engineering IV
 CE 42026Engineering Hydrology
ECEcE 42002Computer Communication II
 EcE 42021Digital Design with HDL II
 EcE 42003Modern Control System II
 EP 42043Electrical Machines II
 EcE 42031Industrial Electronic and Control I
 EcE 42024Computer Science II(EP)
EPEP 42027Linear Control System II
 EP 42028Programmable Logic Control II
 EP 42021Electrical Machine Design II
 EP 42036Design and Layout of Power System II
 EP 42042Power System Analysis II
MechME 42031Design of Machine Elements
 ME 42032Manufacturing System and Automations
 ME 42033Heat Transfer
 ME 42019Computer Application
 ME 42016Fluid Mechanics I
 ME 42015Theory of Machines II

Fifth Year

MajorSubject CodeSubject
CivilCE 52012Civil  Engineering Management II
 CE 52014Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures II
 CE 52016Design of Hydraulic Structures II
 CE 52024Design of Steel Structures II
 CE 52018Environmental Engineering II
 CE 52022Estimating and Specifications II
ECEcE 52005Digital Signal Processing
 EcE 52033PLC Programming Methods and Techniques
 EcE 52003Digital Control System
 EcE 52001Advanced Electronics
 EcE 52013Microwave Engineering
 EcE 52012Modern Electronic Communication Systems
 EcE 52006Industrial Management
EPEP 52002Economic Operation of Power System
 EP 52043Electromechanical Energy Conversion II
 EP 52022Power System Protection II
 EP 52017Modern Control System II
 EP 52014Electrical Machines and Control II
 EP 52007Integrated Designed Project(IDP)
MechME 52028Engineering Management
 ME 52023Internal Combustion Engines
 ME 52043Gas Turbine Theory
 ME 52016Fluid Mechanics II
 ME 52017Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
 ME 52015Vibration And Control

Sixth Year