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PROFILE of Technological University (Myitkyina)

Technological University (Myitkyina) is started opening in 3rd August, 1981 with the machinery of Newzeland, received transferring No.(4)-Basic Education High School building to start opening as Technical High School in Myitkyina after 1980. It is started enhancing as Technical Institute in 1st September, 1997 and Government Technological College in 2nd October, 1999.

The three-new stores of Technological University (Myitkyina) are started constructing in 12nd January, 2004 and opened in 17th October, 2006. The three new stores of Technological University was transferred and opened in 28th April, 2006 which exists in Mawphawung village group from the primary position. It has been started operating as Technological University from 20th January, 2007. At present, it is offering four Engineering Programmers, which are: Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. In order to achieve the quality standard of teaching and learning, and research and development (R&D), Technological University (Myitkyina) is linked with other (technological) universities and institutes as well as industries, factories in Myanmar. Teaching syllabuses for each engineering and academic subjects are to be continually considered to meet the requirements of international standards.


“Technology Brings Social Benefits”


  • To become an internationally recognized university committed to nurturing visionary, responsible and qualified engineers in order to be helpful communities.


  • To educate and train students systematically to become engineers and professionals who can beneficially furnish to the communities.
  • To nurture students who have such qualities: practicing the consideration of public health, safety and environmental concerns, committing to moral and ethical responsibilities, functioning competently in team work, applying project management, having good communication and leading to life-long learners.

Quality Policy

  • The management of the University shall take the responsibility of customer satisfaction through utilizing the knowledge-based teaching-learning process encouraging the research capacity building and innovative technology creation.
  • Technological University (Myitkyina) shall nurture an intellectual culture with the integrated teaching system including theory and practice to become qualified engineers for developing the community.
  • The management of the Technological University (Myitkyina) is   committed to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards and effectiveness of the policy shall be reviewed annually for continual improvement of Quality Management System. The management of the University is also responsible for prioritizing quality assurance of the graduates.


Technological University(Myitkyina) is Located 9,300 feets away from Myitkyina-Mandalay – Pyihtaungsu street and eight miles away from south of Myitkyina,   Myitkyina district, Kachin State.

Email: tumyitkyinamka@gmail.com

Phone: 09-2400278